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Mototr Vehicle Titles

Buying or selling a vehicle and the process of transferring the title can be complicated. There are many variables associated with different types of transactions.

We have attempted to provide some basic guidelines to help you with the process, depending on the nature of the purchase or sale.

If the following links do not answer all your questions, please feel free to call our office (307 633-4247) for additional help. Many of the necessary forms are available for your convenience.

Title Tips

  • Never buy a vehicle if the seller can't show you the title in his name, unless you can verify that the title is being held by a bank or credit union.
  • Make sure all previous liens have been properly released.  States have different requirements, so it is a good idea to call our office for specific information.
  • You must be a Wyoming resident to obtain a Wyoming certificate of title. Your physical residence address must appear on the title. A post office box can be added for mailing purposes only.
  • All persons whose names are on a Wyoming certificate of title must sign to sell a vehicle. Even in cases where there are two names joined by OR (example John or Jane Doe), both parties must sign the seller's block on the reverse side of the title and both signatures must be notarized.
  • Always bring photo identification with you when visiting the title office.
  • By state law, the County Clerk issues certificates of title and the County Treasurer collects sales tax and registration (or license plate) fees. To get an estimate of the registration fees for your new vehicle, use the Treasurer’s cost estimator here.

Most Common Questions
How do I get a title to a Mobile or Manufactured Home that has never been titled in the past?
How do I get a title on my vehicle?
How do I get a VIN inspection?
How do I release a lien from my title?
How do I file a lien on a vehicle?
How do I get a replacement (duplicate) title?
How do I sell a vehicle with a Wyoming title?
How do I get a title for a boat?
How do I get a title for a trailer?
How do I get a title for an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle)?
How do I get a salvage title if my vehicle has been declared a “total loss”?
How do I change the brand on my title from “salvage” to “rebuilt”?
  How do I get a vehicle identification number for a homemade trailer or kit car?
How do I get a hull identification number for a homemade boat?
How do I change the name on my title due to a divorce?
How do I change ownership of a vehicle due to the death of the owner?
When would I need a separate odometer disclosure statement?
When would I need a power of attorney?
When would I need a warranty and notarization form?
How do I know how much my license plates will cost?
When do I pay my sales tax?


Auto Title - Negotiable 15.00
Auto Title - Duplicate 15.00
Copy and Handling Fee 1.00
VIN Inspection 10.00
Filing New Lien 20.00
Filing Amendment to Lien 5.00
Filing Assignment of Lien 5.00
Filing Continuation of Lien 5.00
Filing Transfer of Equity 5.00

(Releasing a lien filed prior to July, 1993 requires a $5.00 fee, all other releases are no charge.)

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